FATIMA KILLEEN | Moroccan artist
The water jar 2012
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Patience 2012
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Generous warmth 2012
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Welcome to my house 2012
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Welcome to my house 2012
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In the name of Rumi 2012
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Mother and India 2012
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The gathering 2012
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The water jar - Detail
Patience - Detail
Generous Warmth - Detail
Welcome to my house - Detail
House warming - Detail
In the name of Rumi - Detail
Mother and India
The gathering - Detail

Patience 2012

Colour collograph, lace, beads, wood, fund objects

56cm x 32cm x 15cm

$2500 AUD

Patience and endurance is the key to the ultimate reward through faith.

The pomegranate seeds are the most sacred fruit (stated in the Koran and the Bible) in a shape of prayer beads - this summarised for me the beauty that Alliya expressed so passionately during the workshop. We need to be grateful and thankful of all the provisions that God has created around us...



Pricing and Details
Image Name:
Patience 2012
32 Centimeters
56 Centimeters
5 Kilograms
Price :
2500.00 AUD
Fatima Killeen
Additional Sales Info:
On exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (Sydney) from 12 May - 8 July 2012