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The Irony of Al Andalus
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Riding to Anarchy
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Homeland: Hanged key 2003
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Homeland, the forbidden fruit
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Legal, illegal, seeking peace 2003
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Lodged, fed, detained... 2001
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Swept away
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The Irony of Al Andalus 2003         

Mixed media on wood

70cm x 90cm

Sold - private collection´╗┐


 Arabic script reads:  “The only conqueror is God”


Spain owes [its’] importance of history largely to the Arab-Muslims. The Moors conquered a large area of the country from  710-1492. They gave it the name of Al Andalus, along with many great cultural achievements. To this day, the great architectural testaments of the Moors, such as the Alhambra and the Great Mosque of Cordoba,form the pillars of modern Spanish tourism.The Moors are now the excluded ones, the outcasts and the illegal
immigrants from North Africa, especially Morocco.

Many perish attempting to reach the Spanish shores.Small boats often capsize during the journey across the Straits of Gibraltar.Those who reach Spain are committed to a life of
work as cheap labour. Illegal Moroccan workers sustain the Spanish economy, which would disintegrate without their labour. They live in slums, without access to proper housing or education for their children. 
Residency for most illegal workers is a dream. 


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The Irony of Al Andalus
70 Centimeters
90 Centimeters
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Fatima Killeen
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Private collection