FATIMA KILLEEN | Moroccan artist
Generous Soil
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Swept away
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Honouring the illegal immigrant 2003 

Acrylic, sand, hay on wood 

50cm x 70cm




Simple grave, just white,

no plant or a rose on-site,

no tree or shade, just earth,

no pattern nor height,

no-one wants him,

or anything to do with him,

his mother couldn’t hug him,

nor could she cry for him,

only the earth, the soil took him

no walls, no fence, no visa, no questions for him,

no-one wants him,

or anything to do with him.

Fatima Killeen´╗┐

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Honouring the illegal immigrant
50 Centimeters
70 Centimeters
2 Kilograms
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Fatima Killeen
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