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The Irony of Al Andalus
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Riding to Anarchy
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Homeland: Hanged key 2003
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Homeland, the forbidden fruit
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Legal, illegal, seeking peace 2003
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Lodged, fed, detained... 2001
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Swept away
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Riding to Anarchy 2003

Acrylic and talitan on wood

50cm x 70cm



In order to change the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the American
occupation victimised the Iraqi people. Post-war Iraq means; a country of extreme turmoil with a pervasive sense of insecurity….what America calls terrorism is a national outcry from the new regime.

“The [UN] bombing is the latest evidence that America has taken a country that
was not a terrorist threat and turned it into one”

Jessica Stern

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Riding to Anarchy
50 Centimeters
70 Centimeters
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Fatima Killeen
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