FATIMA KILLEEN | Moroccan artist
Generous Soil
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The Irony of Al Andalus
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Riding to Anarchy
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Homeland: Hanged key 2003
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Homeland, the forbidden fruit
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Honouring the illegal immigrant
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Legal, illegal, seeking peace 2003
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Lodged, fed, detained... 2001
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Swept away
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Swept away  2003 

Acrylic, sand, broom, leaves on wood

90cm x 120cm



This work remembers the drowning of 353 asylum seekers, most of them women and
children on board SIEV-X (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel, X = unknown). This tragedy took place on 19  October 2001 when the vessel sank in international waters, within Australia’s maritime surveillance zone. No rescue operation was organised to save their lives. No remorse or compassion has been shown by the authorities towards their desperate struggle for survival in the open sea.


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Swept away
90 Centimeters
120 Centimeters
15 Kilograms
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Fatima Killeen
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